Cryonics in Russia

Abstract in English

by Mikhail Soloviev


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Cryonics is the ultra-low-temperature preservation (biostasis) of terminal patients. The goal of biostasis and the technology of cryonics is the transport of today's terminal patients to a time into the future when cell and tissue repair technology will be available, and restoration to full function and health will be possible. As human knowledge and medical technology continue to expand in scope, people considered beyond hope of restoration (by today's medical standarts) will be restored to health. (This historical trend is very clear.) The coming control over living systems should allow fabrication of new organisms and sub-cell-sized devices. These molecular repair devices should be able to eliminate virtually all of today's diseases, including aging, and should allow for repair and revival of patients waiting in cryonic suspension. The challenge for cryonicists today is to devise techniques that will insure the patients' survival. [From Cryonics magazine, N 4, 1997.]

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